about me

mio Anandita

2011年ハワイでの生活中にBikram YogaのTeacher,Tomokoに出会い、


その後2016年インド・リシケシ Mittra Rawat師のもとティーチャートレーニング200時間を修了。

タイ、ベトナム、LA、ニュージーランド、ハワイ島世界で様々なスタイルのヨガを学び、現在は日本の関西を中心にレッスンを持ち、2021年 Yoga studio TABLAを神戸にOPENしました。








नमस्ते, namaste!

My yoga life


In 2011, I met Bikram Yoga Teacher, Tomoko while living in Hawaii.

Then in 2016 I completed 200 hours of teacher training under Master Mittra Rawat of Rishikesh, India.


I studied various styles of yoga in Thailand, Vietnam, Los Angeles, New Zealand and the Big Island of Hawaii, and now teach yoga lessons mainly in Kansai, Japan where I opened the Yoga studio TABLA in Kobe in 2021.


I train yoga instructors and teach yoga to athletes, high school students and teachers.


My yoga style is a tool to know more about yourself.

Through yoga, you will find your way, energize your mind and body, and improve your outlook of life.

I help my students to relax and find inner peace.

My inspiration comes from the earth and nature. Therefore, I often travel.I love spending time by the sea. Throughout the journey, the sea, the earth, the sky, and the greenery of the world inspires my development as a lifetime learner.


We continue to practice yoga today, valuing peace with this free, inspiring, and beautiful earth!


I’m looking forward to doing yoga together.